Skipping shower for just 2 days can leave you with a serious pong!

If you've overslept and skipped your morning shower today, it might not seem like a big deal. But not having your hose-down for two days straight has some seriously nasty consequences.

If you don't wash for two days, you'll almost certainly develop a pong. And that's not body odour you can small – it's gas given off by bacteria consuming your body's protein and fatty acids.

These gases can produce up to 30 different bad smells – and could probably cost you a few friendships.

You have around 1,000 types of bacteria on your body – and 40 types of fungus. These are the good bacteria, which help to keep you clean.

But we are also coming into contact with bad bacteria all the time, which makes your skin dirty even if you're not sweating. Not showering means these bacteria are running rampant, and doing something innocent like rubbing your eyes or your nose could make you get sick.

Our skin is naturally oily and salty, meaning it can become irritated and blemished if we don't wash on a regular basis.

So be advised - set your alarm five minutes earlier, and make sure you get a good scrub in before you leave the house!

Especially if you're drinking tonight. That alcohol odour is even worse than your natural stench.