ISRO launches its fourth navigational satellite IRNSS-1D

28 Mar 2015

Isro plans to follow this up with two more launches this year and a third next year, completing the seven-satellite regional navigational system

ISRO gets go-ahead for joint moon mission with NASA

14 Feb 2011

Thomas had opposed Antrix-Devas deal as telecom secretary

12 Feb 2011

Government constitutes review committee to inquire into Devas deal

11 Feb 2011

Review committee to inquire into Devas deal

10 Feb 2011

Centre was advised on Antrix-Devas annulment in July 2010

09 Feb 2011

Planck Surveyor reveals 15,000 new celestial objects

17 Jan 2011

NASA's historic attempt to deploy a solar sail

30 Jun 2008

The idea to use pressure and radiation to propel space craft might just get tested, if all goes well with NASA's planned deployment of the first Solar Sail.

ESA's Jules Verne ATV refuels the ISS

19 Jun 2008

Unexpected success for Phoenix Mars mission: ice may have been discovered

02 Jun 2008

Action-packed Day 2 for discovery astronauts

02 Jun 2008

When space shuttle Discovery was launched for the International Space Station (ISS) two days ago, it was carrying, (and still is), the largest payload delivered till date to the international orbiting outpost, a $1-billion component for the Japanese Kibo space laboratory.

Mars Lander's robotic arm activated as radio glitch is repaired

29 May 2008

Shuttle Endeavour is back on earth after record-setting mission to ISS

27 Mar 2008

India can intercept and destroy objects in Space, say Dr Abdul Kalam and Dr VK Saraswat

25 Feb 2008

Japan launches high-speed Internet communications satellite

25 Feb 2008

US to blast disabled spy satellite after space shuttle Atlantis returns

16 Feb 2008

USIBC: Chandrayaan-I marks new beginning in Indo-US relations

04 Feb 2008

India’s Space programme 2007 - Year-end Review

02 Jan 2008

China’s next manned space mission slated for Oct. 2008

21 Nov 2007

Upgraded, Lockheed Martin built, GPS IIR-M satellite declared operational

By | 06 Nov 2007

Russia offers to develop Malaysian aerospace industry

By | 02 Nov 2007

China to build larger version of Long March rockets

By | 01 Nov 2007

Chinese lunar probe completes first orbital transfer

By | 27 Oct 2007

China unveils aerospace plans on eve of lunar orbiter launch

By | 20 Oct 2007

Google steps into Space, offers prize for moon buggy

By | 19 Oct 2007