Google, FB, Microsoft, Twitter join hands for Data Transfer Project

Google says the project will let users ‘transfer data directly from one service to another, without needing to download and re-upload it’, with Microsoft adding that ‘portability and interoperability are central to cloud innovation and competition

Trump willing to hit all Chinese goods with high tariffs: report

Chinese exports to the US hit $505.5 billion in 2017, against US exports of $129.9 billion to that country, which left the US with a trade deficit of $375.6 billion

No-trust motion against Modi govt fails

A divided opposition helped the ruling NDA defeat the no-trust motion by 325 votes against 126 despite chinks within the ruling alliance

New Rs100 notes spell fresh headache, Rs100 cr cost for ATM industry

According to ATM industry body Confederation of ATM Industry, the industry was not consulted about the move to issue new, different-sized Rs100-notes and it received the news via media platforms; and it warned of a potential fresh cash crunch

No-trust vote: Opposition numbers do not stack up

NDA partner Shiv Sena, despite its flip-flop, is expected to close ranks and vote against the no-confidence move while others like the AIADMK, TRS and the BJD are also likely to abstain from voting

Amazon set to challenge Apple with $900-bn market cap's stock market value reached $900 billion on Wednesday for the first time in 21 years as a listed company, bringing it closer to Apple, Wall Street's most valuable jewel

Pesky calls: Trai makes registration of telemarketers, subscribers mandatory

The new regulations, intended to put an end to pesky calls and spam messages, make registration of both telemarketers and subscribers mandatory

India fastest growing economy as Asia Pacific growth remains solid: ADB

ADB’s Asian Development Outlook 2018 report published in April had said that India's economic growth will rise to 7.3 per cent this fiscal and further to 7.6 per cent in the next financial year

India, Iran to maintain trade levels despite US pressure

External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj will travel to Tehran for the next India-Iran Joint Commission meeting in November, which is the month US sanctions on energy trade take effect



US sanctions on Iran and its cascading effect on India

While India's official stand is that it  'follows only UN sanctions, and not unilateral sanctions by any country',  the oil ministry has nonetheless asked refiners to drastically reduce or end import of Iranian oil by the US-set deadline of 4 November. A better option might be to revive the credit and rupee-rial payment mechanisms that were used earlier, says  Abhishek Bansal, founder and chairman, ABans Group

Grab, grab, grab!

There has been a growing trend of a handful of rich and powerful people grabbing national resources for personal profit. Laws have been bent and broken, the political system corrupted, and the common people’s interests thrown to the winds. Yogi Aggarwal’s book, Plunder of the Commons, goes into great detail to describe the plunder, says Kiron Kasbekar.

Pioneering change is the key for successful business leaders

Change is not encoded in the DNA of an organization, yet it is essential for growth. The key requirement is a visionary leader who can create a core team with a common vision and focus to spearhead change, says Tapas Gupta, founder and MD of BEI Confluence Communication and formerly president and CEO of a McCann-Erickson agency

Migrating via investment: why US is inferior to Canada, UK, others

The US EB-5 Investor programme or ‘million-dollar green card programme’ requires you to tie up around $575,000 of funds for a long period with no guarantee of success; similar programmes in Canada, the UK or Europe have much less burdensome requirements and may make more sense, says  Ajay Sharma, president of Abhinav Oursourcings

The case for not taxing multinationals

Taxing MNEs' profits, as currently done, wastes resources and is detrimental to global welfare, a new study argues, and suggests we should, instead, tax dividends and sales