Global trade: simple, swift and effective, thanks to blockchain

Every step of a process, with all the associated data and documents, can be securely and irreversibly captured in a blockchain, which is ideal for the international trade in goods

South Korea shocked as US abandons talks with North Korea

While Trump prides himself on his ability to make deals with his unconventional style, this is his second backtracking after he pulled off from the Iran nuclear deal

NSE, MCX to move Sebi with merger proposal this month

The merger will help NSE and MCX cement their leadership position both in the equities and commodity derivatives space and create a new leader in both commodities and equities market

US boots China out of RIMPAC defence exercise; India still in

The Pentagon said it was ‘disinviting’ China from this year’s Rim of the Pacific exercise because of its ‘destabilising’ actions in the South China Sea, most of which Beijing claims in the face of international opinion

TCS market cap hits fresh high of Rs7,00,000 crore

The market cap of TCS, which hit $25-billion in 2010, steadily grew to above the $50-billion in 2013 and then hit the $75-billion mark a year later and is now in the process of crossing the $100-billion set on 24 April this year

US defence budget for fiscal 2019 aims at improved ties with India

Apart from aiming to strengthen ties with India, the National Defence Authorisation Bill-2019 also seeks renaming US Pacific Command as Indo-Pacific Command

TNPCB orders closure of Sterlite plant in Thoothukudi

Sterlite’s 4,00,000 tonne copper smelter, first proposed to be set up in Tuticorin in 1995, was rejected by three states - Gujarat, Goa and Maharashtra - before it was finally allowed to set up in Tamil Nadu

Govt mulls GST on virtual currency trading

While any decision to tax cryptocurrencies will hinge on the outcome of the panel set up to suggest ways to regulate them, taxing virtual currencies would indirectly give them a legal status

Barclays mulls merger with Standard Chartered: report

Barclays says it has been talking about combing with various lenders including Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse and DBS, as well

Minimising exposure to common hormone-disrupting chemicals may reduce obesity rates

Everyday products carry environmental chemicals that may be making us fat by interfering with our hormones, according to research presented in Barcelona at the European Society of Endocrinology annual meeting, ECE 2018



The case for not taxing multinationals

Taxing MNEs' profits, as currently done, wastes resources and is detrimental to global welfare, a new study argues, and suggests we should, instead, tax dividends and sales

Do Indians need to worry about the rise of the robots?

While the number of robots deployed by Indian firms has seen a 200-fold increase in the 21st century, the country still has the lowest density of robots in the world, and they are mostly deployed in jobs that are difficult or dangerous for humans

Going abroad? Try and seek permanent residency visa

A permanent residency or PR visa offers many benefits that a temporary work permit and visa (known by as H-1B in the USA) doesn’t, including investment, travel, and bringing in family members, explains Ajay Sharma, president of Abhinav Oursourcings Pvt Ltd