India to invest over £1 billion in UK, safeguard over 5,500 jobs

The UK has agreed to provide additional support to Indian investments by establishing a reciprocal fast-track mechanism, even as India welcomed the prominent role of the City of London in global finance and investment

China now comes up with China-Nepal-India corridor

Like the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor that passes through Kashmir, China is looking to build an economic corridor that passes through Nepal to India

End of an era in Cuba: Raul Castro steps down, Diaz-Canel takes charge

The change will end the 60-year domination of the Castros over the island nation and put a younger man at the top – but the move is unlikely to herald any major departure from Cuba's Communist policies,

Loya death: SC throws out pleas, calls them 'bereft of any truth'

The Supreme Court said there was no doubt the judge probing the Sohrabuddin encounter died of natural causes, and the submissions of the petitioners prima facie amounted to criminal contempt of court

India moves WTO against US import tariffs on steel, aluminium

India mantains that it in no way deserves to be saddled with the 10-per cent higher import duty on aluminium and 25 per cent on steel as it neither poses a security threat to the US nor has it remained unresponsive to the bilateral trade imbalance

WTO forecasts 4.4% growth in world trade in 2018

WTO Director-General Roberto Azevedo cautioned that the current restrictive trade policies and the tit-for-tat process could hinder trade growth that is vital for continued economic growth and recovery and job creation

Cash crunch unabated, supply cut in Rs2,000 notes blamed

Currency is becoming scarce as the supply of Rs2,000 notes has reportedly been stopped, leaving most ATMs to operate at below 50 per cent capacity; and bankers have put the blame squarely on the RBI

Robot autonomously assembles an IKEA chair

The robot that comprises a 3D camera and two robotic arms equipped with grippers to pick up objects assembled an IKEA's Stefan chair in 8 minutes and 55 seconds



Seeding the social network

Facebook veteran Mike Hoefflinger talks to Swetha Amit about the coming of age of  the social media platform

The path of ransomware payments exposed

Ransomware attacks, which encrypt and hold a computer user's files hostage in exchange for payment, extort millions of dollars from individuals each month, and comprise one of the fastest-growing forms of cyber attack

Raising transparency in the online advertising ecosystem

The online advertising business, led by companies like Google or Facebook, generated over $200 billion revenue in 2017, with an inter-annual growth over 15 per cent. This online advertising explosion is raising serious data privacy concerns

If you want in-depth information, don't 'just Google it'

When we need information on any topic, our natural tendency is to 'just Google it'. But Google's algorithms are designed in a way that limits one's choices. The best information is often hidden in the deep web, says Manoj Agarwal, who has worked with Yahoo Search and XoXoday

You might be paying too much for ads on Google, Bing

Before you dish out money to bid for a top-ranked ad position on a search engine, you may want to pause and make sure it's actually going to pay off, caution Chang Hee Park, assistant professor of marketing and Manoj Agarwal, professor of Marketing, Binghamton University