Former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee passes away

Vajpayee, 93 and a diabetic patient, was under life support for the past 24 hours at AIIMS, where he was under treatment for the past two months

Amazon's real rival in India in the offing

Once the draft e-commerce policy becomes law, the oil-to-telecom tycoon, who is India’s richest man, is likely to emerge as the most formidable challenger to the wealthiest person in the world, Jeff Bezos

India seeks China role in northeast connectivity plan

After 20 rounds of border talks, India seems to have veered round to accepting part of China’s belt-and-road initiative that involves  connecting the northeastern states with Bangladesh’s Chittagong port

Modi announces Ayushman Bharat health insurance launch on 25 September

Addressing the nation on the 72nd Independence Day on Wednesday, the prime minister announced, among other things,an ambitious medical insurance scheme for the poor

India's July trade deficit hits a 5-year high of $18.02 billion

While India exported goods worth $108.24 billion in April-July 2018-19, imports into the country stood at $171.20 billion, showing a cumulative trade deficit of $62.96 billion

Rupee hits a record low of 70.07 against dollar

Once the rupee breaches the 70-a-dollar mark, market analysts expect it to sink to lows around 80 a dollar

Tata Steel's Q1 profit more than doubles to Rs1,934 crore

Tata Steel’s revenues rose 13.8 per cent year-on-year to Rs16,405 crore while EBITDA for the quarter jumped 75.2 per cent to Rs5,118 crore on the back of rising demand for industrial steels

Former Lok Sabha speaker Somnath Chatterjee passes away

Among the last of the parliamentary stalwarts and 10 times Member of Parliament, Somanth Chatterjee had once lost the election from Kolkata’s prestigious Jadavpur constituency in 1984 to the present Bengal chief minister, Mamata Banerjee who was then only 29 years old



Migrating under entrepreneur programs can be big plus for SMEs

Migrating to foreign shores is almost a must for Indian small or medium enterprises, as it offers many advantages like fresh markets, ease of doing business, a buffer against domestic shocks, and not least, a better future for one’s kids, says Ajay Sharma, president of visa consultancy Abhinav Outsourcings

US sanctions on Iran and its cascading effect on India

While India's official stand is that it  'follows only UN sanctions, and not unilateral sanctions by any country',  the oil ministry has nonetheless asked refiners to drastically reduce or end import of Iranian oil by the US-set deadline of 4 November. A better option might be to revive the credit and rupee-rial payment mechanisms that were used earlier, says  Abhishek Bansal, founder and chairman, ABans Group

Grab, grab, grab!

There has been a growing trend of a handful of rich and powerful people grabbing national resources for personal profit. Laws have been bent and broken, the political system corrupted, and the common people’s interests thrown to the winds. Yogi Aggarwal’s book, Plunder of the Commons, goes into great detail to describe the plunder, says Kiron Kasbekar.

Pioneering change is the key for successful business leaders

Change is not encoded in the DNA of an organization, yet it is essential for growth. The key requirement is a visionary leader who can create a core team with a common vision and focus to spearhead change, says Tapas Gupta, founder and MD of BEI Confluence Communication and formerly president and CEO of a McCann-Erickson agency