Huawei launches mathematics research centre in France

Huawei yesterday, launched its second mathematics research centre in France, after Russia. The tech giant aimed to expand its role in basic scientific research,  especially in mathematical algorithms to drive ICT breakthroughs. The centre also formed part of Huawei's goals to work in close cooperation with French academia, to create a thriving academic ecosystem focused on ICT development.

By coupling France's mathematical research expertise with Huawei's capabilities the centre would apply research to business, and help bring France's talent and technologies to the global ICT sector.

The research centre would be led by Merouane Debbah, full professor at CentraleSupelec and specialist in the field of telecommunications.

"This Mathematics Research Center will conduct in-depth research on mathematical algorithms, design new architecture and algorithms, apply new mathematical tools and models to the ICT sector, and build a new theory system. Meanwhile, Huawei will forge close partnerships with Supelec, Eurocom, Institute of Advanced Scientific Studies (IHES), Telecom ParisTech, and other colleges and universities," said Debbah, The Time of India reported.

The research centre currently employs more than 80 researchers, all of whom held a doctorate degree or higher.

The centre aimed to find an answer to global technological challenges, such as challenging the limit of Moore's law and extending the human imagination on what the internet could bring, according to the company.

According to Xu Wenwei, director of Huawei strategic marketing, the choice of Paris for hosting its second global research centre was due to France's rich academic experience in mathematics.

"We plan to continue our investment program over the long term and to develop other partnerships," he said.