Another schoolboy hurls sandwich at Australian PM Gillard

The schoolboy embroiled in the latest sandwich-throwing incident involving Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been dealt with in-house at his Canberra high school.

The teen, who hurled a tomato and salami white bread sandwich at Julia Gillard while she was visiting his high school on Thursday, will face up to a week of in-school suspension.

The boy will reportedly be removed from his normal classes at Lyneham High School in Canberra's north for between three to five days, but will still be required to do his school work.

His punishment comes after a series of meetings between the boy, his parents and the school yesterday.

While Ms Gillard was quick to dismiss the incident, it quickly attracted national media attention.

Australian Federal Police categorised the matter as "minor".

Thursday's incident was not the first time Gillard has attracted an airborne sandwich. Brisbane student Kyle Thomson, 16, was suspended from school for 15 days after a sandwich was lobbed at the Prime Minister during her visit to Marsden State High School earlier in May. Kyle denies he was responsible.

Neither sandwich made contact with Ms Gillard.

And in neither case is it clear had provoked the boys into such action, or why they were targeting the Prime Minister.

Earlier opposition leader Kevin Rudd said more respect should be given to Gillard.

The former prime minister said it was important to respect the nation's leader, whether or not you liked them.

"Whether it is Mr (John) Howard in the office of Prime Minister, or Julia Gillard in the office of Prime Minister there is a need for our community to continue to respect the office," Rudd told the Seven Network.

"And by the way it is the waste of a perfectly good salami sandwich, he should have eaten it for his lunch."