Draft bill offers enhanced compensation for land acquired

The draft land acquisition bill unveiled by the government on Friday provides for a minimum compensation equivalent to double the market value of land acquired by the government in urban areas.

Jairam RameshWhile the government can acquire land at a price not less than twice the market value in urban areas, the compensation in rural areas would not be less than six times the market price of land.

Multi-cropped irrigated land will not be diverted for any other uses and acquisition of such land will be barred, except in emergency cases.

The government will also not acquire land on behalf of private companies for private purposes. The companies will have to buy land for themselves.

Called the Draft National Land Acquisition and Rehabilitation & Resettlement Bill, 2011, the draft new bill proposes a comprehensive compensation policy.
"The multi-cropped irrigated land cannot be acquired in any circumstances and consent of 80 per cent of project affected families is mandatory if the government acquires land for use by private companies for stated public purpose," the draft bill states.

The bill also proposes to make a social impact assessment mandatory if the acquired area is equal to or more than 100 acres.