IMD to have automatic weather stations at Alibaug, Karjat, Pen, Bhiwandi

Mumbai: The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority, (MMRDA), will soon be setting up automatic weather stations for the India Meteorological Department at Alibaug, Karjat, Pen and Bhiwandi.

The initiative is a part of modernisation of IMD's operational network in India.

MMRDA said that no objection certificates have been issued by the urban local bodies in these areas for these automatic weather stations.

''The MMRDA has recently intimated the location of the sites identified by the municipal councils of Alibaug, Karjat, Bhiwandi Nijampur and the Kokan Irrigation Development Corporation for Pen, for setting up of the automatic weather stations to the India Meteorological Department said Dilip Kawathkar, joint project director (PR), MMRDA.

Setting up of automatic weather stations in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region is a part of the modernisation of IMD's operational network in the country. Under the programme, the India Meteorological Department will be setting up in all 550 automatic weather stations and 1,350 automatic rain-gaugers (ARGs) throughout the country.

The automatic weather station records the value of meteorological parameters like atmospheric pressure, air temperature, relative humidity, rail-fall, wind speed, wind direction with the help of sensors and transmit the value automatically at the predefined interval to the Central Receiving Earth Station. This data is then utilised for weather forecasting.

The responsibility of maintenance and security will remain with the local bodies and India Meteorological Department.