Won't tolerate Pakistani as 'safe haven' for terrorists, says Nikki Haley

US envoy to United Nations Nikki Haley, currently in India, said on Thursday the US would not tolerate the Pakistani government “giving safe haven to terrorists”, adding that the message was being communicated to Pakistan “more strongly than in the past”. 

Hailing New Delhi as a “vital strategic partner”,  Hailey said both the US and India must be global leaders in the fight against terrorism.
She said, ”China does not share our (American) commitment to democracy, the rule of law, and fundamental freedoms” and that “this makes China’s expansion of loans and investments in countries in the region a matter of concern for many of us.” 
“China’s failure to respect the rights of its people and the rule of law will limit its own ability to grow and prosper over the long term,” said Haley. 
“When America’s and India’s defence and foreign ministers meet they will discuss ways the US can continue to support India as a provider of regional security, particularly in and around the Indian Ocean.”
Speaking at the Observer Research Foundation in New Delhi, Hailey said, “In this area, the United States is approaching our relationship with Pakistan differently than in the past. We cannot tolerate its government, or any other government, giving safe haven to terrorists.  We are communicating this message to Pakistan more strongly than in the past and we hope to see changes.”