Islamic State threatens Las Vegas-style attacks across India

15 November 2017

Global scourge Islamic State has threatened attacks Las Vegas-style attacks on Kumbh Mela and Thrissur Puram where thousands congregate for rituals and festivals, media reports quoting audio clips released in Malayalam said today.

Islamic State activists have threatened to carry out lone-wolf terror attacks across India in days to come, according to the 10-minute long audio clip.

The audio clip, believed to be the 50th such clip from Daulatul Islam, a regional IS outfit, also quoted verses from the Quran as it warned of a terror attack in India.

The male voice in the clip also makes references to the Las Vegas shooting where several innocent people were killed at a music concert.

''You use your intellect. Poison them in food. Use trucks. Drive over them at Thirssur Pooram or at Maha Kumbh Mela. IS Mujahideen are doing it in several parts of the world. In Las Vegas, one of our supporters killed many people at a music concert. At least you should try to derail a train. Or use a knife,'' the male voice in the clip said.

According to the police, the audio clip has been transmitted over Telegram Messenger from Afghanistan by one Rashid Abdullah, an alleged leader of the Islamic State module in Kasaragod who had left the country to join the outfit in Afghanistan.

Rashid Abdullah has been charged by NIA under IPC sections 120B r/w 125 and Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) sections 38, 39 and 40.

There is also an Interpol Red Notice issued against him.

Rashid Abdullah, his wife and son went missing from Mumbai last year, after which his father filed a missing complaint with the police.

According to the Kerala Police, about 100 people from the state are suspected to have joined the Islamic State.

The police have now started investigation into the matter and have collected over 300 voice clips and messages from WhatsApp, Telegram messaging applications and other social media platforms.

The clip in question says that Muslims should go for 'Hijrah' (migrate) from 'Darul Kufr' (house of non-believers) to Darul Islam (house of believers).

''If you are not able to do that despite your prayers and efforts, then you should financially support Daulatul Islam and Islamic State,'' the male voice says.

Responding to the audio clip, former special director of Cabinet Secretariat, V Balachandran said, "This is very serious. They are going to take the battle to India from Europe and the Middle East."

Kerala DGP Loknath Behera was also quoted as saying that the matter is being investigated.

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