Home ministry warns of IS sponsored terror strike in India

18 November 2015

There is a strong possibility of ISIS-sponsored terrorist strikes on Indian soil by "piggy-backing on terrorist groups operating in India", according to an advisory of the home ministry to states and union territories in the wake of Paris attacks.

According to the home ministry, the targeting of Paris "indicates the intention of the outfit to expand the arc of terror action beyond Iraq and Syria", even as it sought to downplay the threat from terror groups by saying "ISIS so far has not been able to establish any significant presence in India.''

Union home minister Rajnath Singh said, "ISIS is not a threat for any particular country but for the entire world. India is alert about ISIS."

The advisory conceded, though, that the IS had managed "to radicalise some youth, attracting certain sections of local population and expats to participate in its activities".

With over 50 Indians reportedly fighting alongside the terrorist group in Iraq and Syria, the home ministry asked the states to "immediately review the action plan against ISIS".

The centre further directed the states to take appropriate measures to "neutralise potential threats".

According to commentators, after the 13/11 Paris terror attacks there seems to have been a significant shift in the position of the Indian government towards IS as it was now being considered more than just a virtual threat even though not a potent threat.

The government has ordered bolstering of protective measures at foreign missions, including that of the US and France, and warned that the intent of IS was clearly to expand the area of terror.

The advisory further states, "Available inputs about IS activities should be immediately reviewed to identify plans, targets, areas vulnerable to attack and appropriate action taken to neutralise potential threat if any."

Meanwhile, union home minister Rajnath Singh said, India was alert about the threat from IS.

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