UK to expand security, intelligence to thwart terrorist violence

16 November 2015

UK will recruit an extra 1,900 security and intelligence staff to counter the threat of terrorist violence following the deadly Paris attacks (See: France under emergency: terrorists kill over 120 in multiple attacks), UK media reported today.

The Guardian said the move would be the "the biggest increase in UK security spending since the 7/7 bombings in London" that left dozens dead in 2005 and would be announced by prime minister David Cameron later today.

"I am determined to prioritise the resources we need to combat the terrorist threat because protecting the British people is my number one duty as prime minister," Cameron is expected to announce the report said.

"This is a generational struggle that demands we provide more manpower to combat those who would destroy us and our values."

According to the Financial Times and The Guardian, the recruitment would raie the staff of intelligence agencies MI5, MI6 and GCHQ by around 15 per cent.

Additionally, extra aviation security officers would assess airports around the world, in response to the crash of a Russian plane in Egypt last month that the UK government suspects might have been downed by a bomb planted in it.

Meanwhile, the home secretary, Theresa May, warned people in the UK to remain calm and ''alert but not alarmed", adding that the increased police patrols and border searches were taking place.

The UK stands "in solidarity" with France, she said, adding, "The terrorists will not win."

Concerns remained over a "handful" of UK citizens in Paris, she added.

A one-minute silence for the victims was held in the UK at 11:00 GMT today, which would be part of a Europe-wide silence at midday French time.

May went on to add, "The UK police and security services are working very closely with their counterparts in France and Belgium to identify all those involved and to pursue anyone who may have been involved in the preparation of these barbaric attacks."

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