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India denies reports of alleged Pakistani cyber-attack

12 March 2015

A Pakistani cyber security firm with close ties to Islamabad has been found stealing information from the Indian government and defence establishments, according to a two-year investigation by a US-based IT security firm.

FireEye says the unnamed company targeted Indian establishments using leased US hosting services. It adds that the cyber-attacks by the Pakistani firm are still active.

The Indian government said it had no knowledge of the development, suggesting that it is a false alarm.

"It is incorrect. We have only seen cases of website hacking. However, they hold only public data," said Dr Gulshan Rai, director-general of the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team, or ICERT, who will shortly take charge as the country's first cyber security chief.

The Pakistani cyber firm accessed computers of bureaucrats through malware and targeted Indian establishments using leased US hosting services, FireEye said.


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