ISIL video shows UK, Australian jihadis urging compatriots to war

21 June 2014

Militants engaged in the attacks against the government in Iraq have launched a fresh attempt to attract foreign recruits. On Thursday hey leased a slick video featuring UK fighters urging their compatriots to join them.

The film posted by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (trnslted looly in Arabic as Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham), showed five men claiming to be British and Australian jihadis urging western muslims to leave for Syria and Iraq.

The video forms part of a coordinated social media campaign launched by the militant group to consolidate its territorial gains.

In a move aimed at stepping up its propaganda operation, ISIL said it was aiming to get 1 billion muslims to post support messages for a hardline Islamist state on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

The public relations operation follows a warning this week from Prime Minister David Cameron that ISIL also plans to lunch attacks in the UK. Kurdish intelligence sources said up to 450 UK nationals had joined ISIS in Iraq.

Cameron said on Friday, ''We should recognise the danger to Britain of this situation where you have got Islamist extremists and terrorists in control of part of Iraq.''

The 3-minue video, titled, There is no life without jihad showed a group of foreign ISIL recruits, which included three Britons explaining their motivation for travelling to Iraq and Syria and seeking to persuade UK muslims to give up ''the fat job…. the big car'' and follow them.

Meanwhile, Mailonline reports, a young British jihadist who featured in the video had been revealed to be a 20-year-old medical student from Cardiff.

Nasser Muthana wearing a white turban is labelled in the video as 'Brother Abu Muthanna Yemeni from Britain'.

His heartbroken family from the Cardiff area told ITV News that his 17-year-old brother Aseel Muthana too had accompanied him and that the pair went to Syria because 'they feel guilty' about the West waging war in the country.

ITV News had also been told that police had visited the family two weeks ago and that was when they found out the brothers had gone.

The footage also features music and religious chanting, as the men exhort viewers to leave their lives in the west behind and join ISIS' brutal campaign in Iraq and Syria.

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