Delhi bomber was 'well-trained', says Chidambaram news
14 February 2012

Home minister P Chidambaram today condemned Monday's bomb attack on an Israeli diplomat's wife in New Delhi, but said India was ''not pointing a finger'' at any particular group or organisation at the moment.

Israel has squarely blamed Iran for masterminding the Delhi attack as well as well as a similar aborted attack on Israeli diplomatic personnel in Tbilisi, Georgia. While the Tbilisi bomb was detected and defused in time, the Delhi bomb left at least four persons injured.

The home minister steered clear of endorsing the Israeli line, but said that a ''very well-trained'' bomber committed the attack.

Calling it a ''terror attack'', Chidambaram said India has assured Israel it would investigate the matter to the bottom till the perpetrators were caught.

''We have friendly relations with Israel like we are friendly with other countries. Every country can live and work here in peace and security,'' Chidambaram said.

Chidambaram confirmed that a single person on a motorcycle attached an explosive device to the back of the diplomatic car while both were on the move, and then raced past.

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Delhi bomber was 'well-trained', says Chidambaram