Snubbed China talks of India's ''inferiority complex'' news
25 November 2011

Beijing: A badly snubbed China, still licking its wounds over the drubbing handed out by India over the election to the Joint Inspection Unit, a prestigious UN body, and recently displayed spunk in signing agreements with Vietnam over commercial exploration of natural resources in the East Sea, or the South China Sea, has now taken to spewing drivel through its state controlled media.

''Today's India is far from potent and prosperous to act of its own accord''

India's ''jitters'' and fears of encirclement by Chinese influence in South Asia reflected an ''inferiority complex'' and ''loud jealousy'' over China's rise, state-run Xinhua news agency said in a commentary on Thursday.

The Xinhua commentary said India had ''put sand in the wheels of its own progress'' by not allowing foreign investment from Chinese companies because of its ''iron-clad suspiciousness.''

India's ''jealousy'' and ''inferiority,'' it said, were a legacy of the 1962 war which left ''deep-seated mistrust.''

''By currying favour with China's neighbour[s], in particular, those who have brewed disputes with China, India would assume it could instigate these smaller nations to engage in a gang fight against China and contain China's growing clout in the region,'' it said.

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Snubbed China talks of India's ''inferiority complex''