Think-tanks call for tri-lateral, Canberra-Delhi-Washington, security dialogue news
05 November 2011

Sydney: Three defence think-tanks from Australia, the United States and India have suggested a three-way security dialogue between these three countries, in part to help counter any naval aggression from China, a report said Friday. The report calls for greater engagement with New Delhi, including in counter-terrorism.

The approach paper has been produced by three think-tanks -- Australia's well-respected Lowy Institute, India's independent Observer Research Foundation and the conservative Heritage Foundation in the US.

"This paper provides ideas for establishing US-Australia-India dialogue and coordination across a host of economic, political, and security issues," the document said.

"As confidence and trust build among the three nations, they should explore closer strategic and operational collaboration, beginning with transnational security issues and potentially moving into more high-end areas.

"In time, these might include surveillance, maritime expeditionary operations, anti-submarine warfare and perhaps even integration of theatre missile defence."

Entitled "Shared Goals, Converging Interests: A Plan for US-Australia-India Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific" the paper notes that India "does not yet treat Australia as a priority security partner".

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Think-tanks call for tri-lateral, Canberra-Delhi-Washington, security dialogue