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MiG-29K crash due to human error: Russia news
01 July 2011

New Delhi: The Indian Navy will not need to ground its batch of MiG-29K naval fighters after being informed by Russia that there were no technical faults detected in the analysis of the recent crash of a two-seat trainer aircraft in Russia. The aircraft was intended for routine transfer to India when it crashed.

The MiG-29KThe Indian Navy immediately grounded its complement of Mig-29K fighters and awaited news from Russia about the probable reasons for the crash. Moscow has now said that there is no need for the fighters to be grounded as the crash occurred due to human error.

The incident occurred last Thursday.

According to sources, Russia has now informed the Indian Navy that the crash occurred with the fighter conducting tight manoeuvres before coming in to land with full weapons load after a test flight.

Officials conjecture that manoeuvres were probably being conducted at low altitudes and that should not have been done.

The fighter in question was to be delivered to the Indian Navy over the next few weeks as part of a deal for 16 carrier-borne fighters being procured for the Adm Gorshkov aircraft carrier.

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MiG-29K crash due to human error: Russia