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Cameron remarks blowback: ISI chief calls off UK visit news
31 July 2010

Islamabad: The head of the Pakistani military intelligence, the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), Lt Gen Shuja Pasha has called off a scheduled visit to Britain, ostensibly in protest against prime minister David Cameron's remarks that Pakistan must stop promoting "export of terror." The remarks were made by Cameron in the course of his just concluded trip to neighbouring country India.

ISI chief Lt Gen Shuja PashaThe proposed visit of Pakistani president, Asif Ali Zardari, to the UK next week will proceed as per schedule. He is expected to stay with Cameron at his country retreat, Chequers.

Lt Gen Pasha would have travelled to Britain with a high- level delegation for discussions on counter-terrorism co-operation with British security services in early August.

"The visit has been cancelled in reaction to the comments made by the British prime minister against Pakistan," an ISI spokesman was quoted as saying. "Such irresponsible statements could affect our co-operation with Britain."

Apparently, remarks made by Cameron, in which he asked Pakistan to sever links with groups that promote the ''export of terror'' to Afghanistan, India and other parts of the world including the UK, have caused a fair amount of heartburn in Islamabad.

On a state visit this week to neighbouring country, and Pakistan's arch foe, India, Cameron said: "We cannot tolerate in any sense the idea that this country is allowed to look both ways and is able, in any way, to promote the export of terror, whether to India, whether to Afghanistan, or to anywhere else in the world."

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Cameron remarks blowback: ISI chief calls off UK visit