Chinese construction activity on Brahmaputra confirmed

New Delhi: India's National Remote Sensing Agency (NRSA) has confirmed that China is constructing a dam on its side of the Brahmaputra River. According to reports circulating Wednesday, in a presentation made before the Committee of Secretaries (CoS) the NRSA provided evidence which suggests construction activities, movements of trucks, and excavations being carried out in and around the Zangmu site.

Zangmu may be only one of five sites on the Upper Brahmaputra (Tibetan side), or the Yarlung Tsangpo, where the Chinese intend to construct dams.

Reports suggest that the CoS has decided to take up the matter with the ministry for external affairs. Also present at the meeting, amongst others, was the chief of RAW, India's external intelligence agency. 

Apparently it has been decided to monitor construction work on the Upper Brahmaputra in a collective manner.

Satellite imagery shows work well underway.