Vijay Kumar appointed COO of Sun TV

Sun TV on Friday announced the appointment of Vijay Kumar as the chief operating officer.

Kumar will take over from 11 March, consequent to Ajay Vidyasagar's resignation from the company, the company said in an official statement. Sun TV had earlier refuted reports of changes at the top level. (See: Sun TV refutes rumours of top level changes)

"K Vijay Kumar, senior vice president, who has been with Sun TV since 1993, has been elevated as the chief operating officer with effect from 11 March 2011, consequent to Ajay Vidyasagar, chief operating officer resigning from the company. Sun TV Network said in a filing with the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

Kumar has been associated with Sun TV since 1993. Prior to the elevation, he was the senior vice-president, Udaya TV, and is credited with building and establishing the brand "Udaya" as a market leader across Karnataka.

Kumar had also launched six channels strategically built around the flagship channel, Udaya TV, during his tenure.

"His elevation to the role of chief operating officer will aid in further strengthening and vitalising the network's vision and strategy of retaining and expanding its reach and leadership position across the segments and markets it operates, while seeking to explore new, strategic and evolving cutting-edge trends across the media universe," the company said in a statement.

Kumar has more than 18 years of work experience in the broadcasting industry.