IIPM ranked ahead of IIMs

Hyderabad: Extenuating its spirited campaign 'Dare To Think Beyond the IIMs,' Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) surpassed the performance of five of the IIMs (Indian Institutes of Management) to be ranked second (ahead of five of the IIMs) in Business Barons: India's Best B-Schools survey (June 2003), in the Industry Interface index.

The survey specifically endorsed the entry of IIPM in the 'elite list' and rated it as one of the fastest-rising business school in the country. The survey placed IIPM at Rank 8 over all (exceeding two of the IIMs) and Rank 4 for its quality of course content (exceeding three of the IIMs).

IIPM had never participated in any B-School rankings before, till it first participated in the annual B-School survey done by leading market research firm C-fore for Outlook magazine last year where it got ranked fourth (exceeding three of the IIMs) in the Industry Interface category. The results this year have been even more exciting with this Business Baron's report for every one associated with IIPM.

Says IIPM dean Arindam Chaudhuri: "Industry Interface is perhaps the only index which involves no value judgements. It is measured purely in terms of the revenue earned from consulting assignments undertaken by an institute and its faculty. It's a direct reflection of how much the industry trusts your institute's education. When you know you are the best, its tough to accept even the overall ranking any less, as it involves weightages based on value judgements on other aspects like infrastructure."

Further, the report appreciated Chaudhuri as "..the best-selling author and economist, who has made IIPM more than a business school with his innovative socio-economic philosophy."

IIPM made news recently when it got selected by United Nations Development Program as its key partner in India and got nominated by World Bank Institute to be in its steering committee.