Choosing a digital camera 4: Final checklist

Read reviews
In addition to checking out the features of each camera, make sure you read reviews of the digital cameras that suit your needs. There are a number of websites (including this one) where users and professionals post their reviews and these are extremely useful in finding out how good the cameras actually is.

Visit the store before you buy
Before you make your decision, it is a good idea to actually try out the cameras you have shortlisted. Each camera has its own shape and size and you need to see how they feel in your hands, how easy they are to use and what sort of photos they take. Try taking pictures with different settings - without the flash, with the zoom, etc. 

Take the plunge!
Now that you have chosen the camera most appropriate to your needs, go ahead and make the purchase. Most cameras made by well-known camera manufacturers today are of extremely high quality and will give you excellent results. With a little attention to the details, you will be able to take great quality digital photographs that you can share with friends and family across the globe at not too high a cost.