SEC nod for Nasdaq data product

New York: The Nasdaq Stock Market ( has announced that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on 16 January 2002 approved a rule filing to enable Nasdaq to offer a new online package for broker/dealers and institutional investors called Nasdaq PostData. The product is scheduled to launch on 18 March 2002. "Nasdaq PostData was created in response to a widespread demand from market participants," says Nasdaq Data Products senior vice-president Adena Friedman. "Prospective clients have told us that the information provided by PostData will give them a decisive advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace." Nasdaq PostData consists of the following trading data reports:
  • Nasdaq Volume Post displays for subscribers precise, daily share-volume in selected Nasdaq securities from the prior trading day;
  • Monthly Volume Summaries that rank the top 50 market participants by the industry sector, security type, or total and block volume; and
  • Daily Issue Data that provides a summary of the previous days activity for every Nasdaq issue, including price, total shares outstanding, dividend data, and more.

Due to the proprietary nature of the reports, PostData resides in the Secure Data section of the website, to which admittance is restricted by password. All data contained in these reports, except the Daily Issue Data Report, is based on the information obtained from the Nasdaq Automated Confirmation Transaction Service Nasdaqs system for reporting trades in Nasdaq securities making it the most accurate data available. To view a sample web-report of PostData, go to and choose Hot Topics, then Nasdaq PostData. Broker/dealers and institutional investors who have any questions should contact the Nasdaq Trader Help Desk at (800) 777-5606.