Pru ICICI declares record date for liquid scheme-dividend plan

Mumbai: Prudential ICICI Trust Ltd, the trustee of Prudential ICICI Mutual Fund, has announced 9 December 2002 as the record date for the declaration of dividends under its liquid scheme - dividend plan.

Unitholders whose names appear in the register of unitholders on 9 December 2002 under the dividend plan will be eligible to receive dividends.

Prudential ICICI Asset Management Company (PIAMC) is investment manager to the largest private sector mutual fund in India, the Prudential ICICI Mutual Fund. PIAMC enjoys the strong parentage of the ICICI group, a well-known and trusted name in financial services in India, and the Prudential Group, one of the United Kingdom’s largest players in the insurance and fund management business.

PIAMC has over Rs 10,010 crore in assets under management as of 26 November 2002, and has 26 branch centres all over the country to service its over 5 lakh investors. Its diverse product portfolio comprises equity, debt and balanced funds.