Instagram blocks photos on network : Twitter

Social networking sites are once again in the news, thanks to a stand off between Instagram and Twitter. An Instagram photo shared on Twitter now does not fully show the entire image from the original link to the tweet on mobile apps.

As it now stood, Instagram photos included in tweets are cropped and are not seen to be properly formatted on cell phones.

Despite early speculation that laid the blame for the inconvenience on Twitter after Twitter's recent move to revoke the capability of Instagram to find Twitter friends, it had been revealed that Instagram was to blame. According to Instagram they intended to continue to distance themselves from Twitter.

Meanwhile, Twitter said in a statement that the photo-sharing problem originated from Instagram's end.

Acknowledging the problem in a status post Twitter said Instagram had changed the way it integrated with the micro-blogging service. Instagram had stopped using Twitter cards, which essentially provided a quick summary of content on the network.

In a statement, Instagram chief executive and co-founder Kevin Systrom confirmed the company had changed the way it integrated with Twitter, citing Instagram's growing web presence.