Scientists slash computations for deep learning

02 Jun 2017

Random numbers: hard times ahead for hackers

01 Jun 2017

Researchers have developed a new random numbers generator based on the principles of quantum physics, complicating the tasks of hackers who can no longer exploit bias resulting from human fallibility or possible imperfections in existing devices

Most banks fail to launch BharatQR-based payment system: report

24 Mar 2017

Infosys refutes allegations over Panaya purchase

21 Feb 2017

Microsoft to acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 bn in cash

13 Jun 2016

Growing at a 19 per cent annual rate, LinkedIn continues to be the world's largest and most valuable professional network with 433 million members across the world

Bosch acquires devices connectivity specialist ProSyst

16 Feb 2015

`Make in India’ telecom conclave calls for need-based technology development

12 Feb 2015

System converts tabular data into touch-friendly format

By BY Byron Spice | 03 May 2014

TCS now among top 10 global IT services companies

22 Apr 2014

It had taken a bit longer than the 2010 deadline set by former CEO S Ramadorai for TCS to break into the top 10 league, due to the global slowdown

Computer scientists learn to predict which photos will 'go viral' on Facebook

By Tom Abate | Stanford Engineering | 22 Apr 2014

Neuromorphic computing "roadmap" envisions analog path to simulating human brain

22 Apr 2014

Although a human brain functions on a mere 20 watts of electrical energy, a digital computer that could approximate human cognitive abilities would require tens of thousands of integrated circuits (chips) and a hundred thousand watts of electricity or more – levels that exceed practical limit

Sneak a peek through the mist to technology of the future

15 Apr 2014

Researchers have developed a tabletop display with personal screens made from a curtain of mist that allows users to move images around and push through the fog-screens and onto the display

Wifi virus latest threat to future IT security

01 Mar 2014

Researchers found that an experimental virus created by them could avoid detection and identify the points at which WiFi access is least protected by encryption and passwords

EU project to build lie detector for social media

21 Feb 2014

Researchers developing system to detect hoax tweets and posts

21 Feb 2014

A new system for detecting fake or hoax tweets and posts is being developed for Twitter by a team of researchers

Storage system for ‘big data’ dramatically speeds access to information

By By Helen Knight, MIT News correspondent | 05 Feb 2014

Using multiple nodes allows the same bandwidth and performance from a storage network as far more expensive machines.

Novel collaborative software helps systems engineers link performance and cost

29 Jan 2014

Hackers use refrigerator to send spam in cyber attack

18 Jan 2014

New data compression method reduces big-data bottleneck

By By Matthew Chin | 24 Dec 2013

Researchers have developed a new data compression method that outperforms existing techniques

Modified form of graphene could be used to make an energy-efficient data storage device

By Matt Davenport | Stanford Engineering | 23 Dec 2013

'Wet' computer server could cut internet waste

17 Dec 2013

New institute at UK's Imperial College to focus on thwarting cyber-attacks, other threats

12 Dec 2013

Google unveils cloud computing services with Google Compute Engine

04 Dec 2013

How to program unreliable chips

09 Nov 2013

HGST ships first helium filled hard drive

05 Nov 2013

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