NHAI introduces rating system for concessionaires, contractors and consultants

The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has developed a `Vendor Performance Evaluation System’ to establish a transparent and comprehensive ‘Performance Rating’ system for its consultants, contractors and concessionaires.

According a statement by NHAI, the portal based objective assessment of vendors’ has been initiated to track the performance of the vendors for various NHAI projects.
The portal is available on the NHAI website under ‘Vendor Performance Evaluation System ‘Vendors, NHAI has said, are required to make a self-assessment and upload the documents related to the project activities being executed by them on the portal. The submissions are reviewed at multiple levels by NHAI, based on which a vendor rating is generated. 
The portal contains provision for rating the projects according to the mode of implementation and status of completion under BOT (Toll), BOT (Annuity), HAM, EPC works and for NHAI’s engineer, independent engineer and DPR consultants. To ensure that the evaluation is done in the most objective and balanced way, the vendor rating generated post multi-level reviews, shall be shared with the vendor. The vendor will also be given an opportunity to appeal against the generated rating.
As on date, vendors have filled data for 853 projects (519 consultants and 334 contractors) which are under different stages of review. The vendors who fail to upload the requisite documents on the portal will not be allowed to participate in the bids of NHAI. 
"Suitable amendments in bidding documents are being incorporated to make rating of vendors as one of the qualification criteria for awarding new projects," NHAI stated in a release. This rating system will increase the accountability of vendors thereby improving the quality of highways.