Storage of important reservoirs in the country

Central Water Commission (CWC) under Ministry of Water Resources is monitoring storage position

Of the 81 important reservoirs spread across the country, 36 reservoirs have significient hydro-power capabilities with installed capacities of more than 60 MW each, shows Central Water Commission (CWC) data.

The CWC, under the ministry of water resources, is monitoring the storage position in all the 81 reservoirs.

The combined live storage in these 81 reservoirs at the beginning of monsoon on 1 June was 11 per cent of their designed capacity and stood at 59 per cent of the designed capacity as on 24 July 2009.

The CWC said that the curent storage levels are at 80 per cent of last year's storage and 89 per cent of the last 10 years' average storage during the same period.

Out of these 81 reservoirs, this year 31 reservoirs curently have storage levels below 80 per cent of the last 10 years' average, while the remaining 50 have water storage over 80 per cent of the 10-year average.