Sun Microsystems cuts prices of Sun Fire V60x, V65x servers

Mumbai: Sun Microsystems India is reducing the prices of its recently launched x86 processor-based Sun Fire V60x and V65x servers by 25 per cent and 28 per cent, respectively.

With the reduction of prices, Sun is planning to address SME (small and medium enterprises) sectors' requirements for higher reliability and security at a lower cost and risk, says Anil Valluri, director (systems engineering).

This will also help in warding off competition, says Valluri, adding that Sun is eyeing the growth opportunities in the 32-bit, x86 server market and is planning to improve the focus on SMEs.

The V60x and V65x systems are entry-level server systems, which run either on Solaris operating system or Linux platforms. Sun Fire V65x server systems are embedded with either a single 2.8 GHz or dual 3.06 GHz processors, while the V60x version is available with dual 3.06 GHz processors.

Sun expects to sell these systems to education, government and SME sectors, Valluri says.