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After Facebook, Google moves to ban cryptocurrency ads

14 Mar 2018

Google said it will ban online advertisements promoting cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings starting in June, part of its crackdown on ‘bad ads’ that saw it remove more than 3.2 billion advertisements in 2017

P&G joins Unilever to cut digital ad spends, return to basics

03 Mar 2018

Procter & Gamble Co cut digital advertising spend by $200 million in 2017, transferring this amount to traditional media like TV and audio, as consumer goods firms become suspicious of ‘walled gardens’ like Google and YouTube

KFC issues high-profile, humourous apology for chicken shortage

24 Feb 2018

You might be paying too much for ads on Google, Bing

22 Feb 2018

Before you dish out money to bid for a top-ranked ad position on a search engine, you may want to pause and make sure it's actually going to pay off, caution Chang Hee Park, assistant professor of marketing and Manoj Agarwal, professor of Marketing, Binghamton University

Readers told to mine cryptocurrency to read ads-free Salon magazine content

14 Feb 2018

Mercedes apologises to China for posting Dalai quote on Instagram

07 Feb 2018

Facebook Inc bans advertisements related to cryptocurrencies and ICOs

31 Jan 2018

Burger King mocks net neutrality repeal via “Whopper Neutrality”

25 Jan 2018

Customers paying the minimum amount for their Whoppers were made to wait 15 to 20 minutes unless they agreed to pay a higher price —for the "fast mbps", to an even higher rate for the "hyperfast mbps" options for a single Whopper Sandwich

Tata Motors releases first teaser of its upcoming hatchback, Tata Tigor Sport

24 Jan 2018

Teens likely to crave junk food after watching TV ads

17 Jan 2018

UK government advertising urges smokers to quit smoking in the New Year

30 Dec 2017

Six in 10 food adverts during family TV shows push junk food: study

28 Nov 2017

Mars, Lidl, others withdraw YouTube ads placed next to those by predators targeting children

27 Nov 2017

Tobacco companies to advertise hazards of smoking

24 Nov 2017

US Tobacco companies forced to carry anti-tobacco ads after two-decade legal battle

21 Nov 2017

After nearly 20 years of litigation, US tobacco companies are being forced to run ads highlighting information they long fought to keep from the public about the dangers of smoking and second-hand smoke

Pfizer, J&J in legal battle that could shape biosimilars market

21 Sep 2017

Facebook says Kremlin-linked group bought ads during 2016 presidential elections

18 Sep 2017

Facebook’s revelation of a Russian group tied to the Kremlin having bought political ads on its platform during the 2016 elections has led to outrage

SAIL taps rural demand to boost retail steel sales by 18% in August

16 Sep 2017

Personality drives purchasing of luxury goods

11 Sep 2017

People who are 'extrovert' and on low incomes buy more luxury goods than their introvert peers to compensate for the experience of low financial status, finds new research

HC again bars Patanjali ads, this time for chyawanprash

08 Sep 2017

Bell Pottinger’s Asian unit to separate from UK parent

08 Sep 2017

L’Oreal sacks transgender model over anti-racism remarks

02 Sep 2017

Google refunds advertisers for traffic generated by bots

28 Aug 2017

GST levy to be 5% on seller of ad space and 18% on agency commission

24 Aug 2017

WPP cuts growth forecast second time after sales declined in first half

23 Aug 2017

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