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Embraer renames MLJ/MSJ as Legacy 450/500 - announces launch schedule news
22 May 2008

Legacy 450Embraer unveiled a mock-up of its new mid-size business jet at the EBACE 2008 meet in Geneva and announced it was naming that aircraft the Legacy 500. Its mid-light stablemate, would be called the Legacy 450.

So far, the jets were referred to as the MLJ and MSJ.

While the Legacy 500 will seat up to 10 and have a ferry range of up to 3,000 nm, the Legacy 450 will seat up to eight and travel about 2,300 nm on a full tank.

Introductory pricing was also announced, with the 450 starting at $15.25 million and the 500 at $18.4 million.

Both will have cockpits equipped for fly-by-wire operation and will be powered by Honeywell HTF7500E engines.

The Brazilian manufacturer has set an ambitious delivery schedule for the aircraft. The 500 will be launched first, with initial deliveries expected in 2012, with the 450 following in 2013.

The Legacy 450 and 500 models fill gaps in the lineup between the very light and light Phenom 100 and 300 models, both of which are flying, and the Legacy 600, an adaptation of the E135 regional jet.

Embraer is also converting its 90-passenger E190 airliners into business jet configurations under the name Lineage.

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Embraer renames MLJ/MSJ as Legacy 450/500 - announces launch schedule