Gene Logic and deSciner to create Genomics Gateway

Integrated genomics company specialising in reference databases, Gene Logic has entered into an alliance with business-to-business communication centre deScinerT Business Network to create an interactive genomics information resource.

Both organisations will work together to create a unique knowledge resource in genomics called 'Genomics Gateway'. The vision of this partnership is to present applications of genomics in pursuit of improved and affordable healthcare and therapeutics. The Gateway will feature leading scientists, developments and progress in this area through webinars, interactive interviews, and blogs amongst other vehicles.

The Gateway will be featured as new sections on the OBBeC Biotech portal powered by deScinerT and Gene Logic's thought leadership forum. deSciner's primary product is OBBeC portal, a leading e-magazine highlighting the pivotal role Bio-IT products, data management tools and specialist laboratory equipment play in life sciences, biotechnology and healthcare sectors, which accelerate lead discovery and drug development. OBBeC provides international daily news, industry analysis, product reviews and networking services.

"We are extremely delighted to be working with Gene Logic to incorporate such rich knowledge resource into OBBeC Portal," says Tim El-Sheikh, managing director and CEO of deScinerT Business Network. "We always strive to provide our worldwide readers with high quality and informative content from leading scientists and businesses from around the globe, discussing strategic issues and best practices in biotechnology, Bio-IT and healthcare sectors, all through a single online interface."

Gene Logic is an integrated genomics company provider of comprehensive genomic reference databases, life science lab information management solutions, GLP-compliant microarray services and essential research consumables. Over two-thirds of the top 25 pharma companies, research institutes and emerging biotech companies use its integrated biorepository and genomic services  from pre-clinical target development and toxicogenomic assessment to clinical biomarker identification and patient stratification

"We have a very strong corporate social responsibility programme through which we reach out to our community," says Anu Acharya, CEO, Gene Logic. "Genomics, over the years has been defined and re-defined and we are now seeing exciting applications of genomics in the biotech sector. As a leader in the genomics space, we are pleased to partner with deScinerT to present the latest in the genomics and discovery space through various programs we have planned."

Ashwin Sivakumar, Ph.D, Director Marketing & Alliances, Gene Logic says, "State-of-the-art technologies like genotyping, differential gene expression, genome wide association, SNPs et cetera have contributed immensely to global biomarker discovery programs as we all continue our pursuit for improved and affordable therapeutics. This alliance with deScinerT is a first of its kind partnership where we have broken traditional barriers to feature pioneering work of the genomics community and present news relating to advancements in this sector."