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Cartosat 2 starts sending picturesnews
12 January 2007

Chennai: The Cartosat 2 satellite launched on Wednesday by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has started taking pictures.

According to ISRO the first image was of 240km stretch from Paonta Sahib in Shivalik region Delhi. Another set of imagery of about 50km length covered Radha Nagari to Sagoan in Goa before the satellite flew over Arabian Sea.

The satellite's panchromatic camera was switched on today at 10.05 am and the images were received by National Remote Sensing Agency's data reception centre, Shadnagar, near Hyderabad.

The other payloads carried by the polar satellite launch vehicle C7 (PSLV C7) - Space Capsule Recovery Experiment (SRE-1), Indonesia's Lapan Tubsat and Argentina's Pehuensat-1 are in fine fettle, too.

SRE-1 will conduct the two micro-gravty experiments soon. Citing the Indonesian Space Agency, ISRO said that the Lapan Tubsat satellite is functioning satisfactorily while the Argentina's nano satellite Pehuensat-1 is expected to start sending signals once its battery is charged by the solar panel.

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Cartosat 2 starts sending pictures