Amazon buys video game developer Double Helix Games

Amazon has confirmed that its acquisition of video game developer Double Helix Games formed part of its "ongoing commitment to build innovative games for customers," Tech Crunch reported.

Founded in 2007 when Shiny Entertainment, creator of classic games like Earthworm Jim, Sacrifice, MDK and Enter the Matrix, merged with The Collective, Inc., makers of Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The Irvine, California-based Double Helix is best known for developing Xbox One launch title Killer Instinct.

Tech Crunch, which reported on the deal, said it got wind of the purchase from an invitation to a joint recruiting event by Amazon and Double Helix which will take place in Los Angeles on 13 February. According to the report, the deal would be likely announced on that day.

The purchase of a video game developer was not the first by the company; in 2008, it acquired casual game maker Reflexive Entertainment, but it was the latest among a number of moves that the company had made into video gaming recently.

Amazon already has its own game studio, called Amazon Game Studios, which is ''focused on creating innovative, fun and well-crafted games, and have fun at the same time,'' according to its website.

Amazon has mobiles games such as Air Patriots, Simplz: Zoo and Airport Mania HD Free, and is reported to be working with developers to bring out its own gaming and entertainment device and compete with established console makers like Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony.