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Phish Phry scamster gets 13-yr jail term in California news
29 June 2011

"Phishing" or tricking people into handing over private data via e-mail, is a serious offense - that is what a 27-year-old Los Angeles man convicted for the offense and sentenced to 13 years in prison has found out to his horror.

According to PCWorld, "Kenneth Joseph Lucas II, of Los Angeles, was one of a total of 100 people arrested by Egyptian and US authorities as part of Operation Phish Phry in 2009, which the Department of Justice (DOJ) said resulted in the highest number of people being charged in a single cybercrime case.

The two-year investigation involved the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, the US Attorney's Office, the Electronic Crimes Task Force in Los Angeles and Egyptian law enforcement authorities."

PCWorld says, the DOJ "estimated that the total amount of intended loss was in excess of $1 million." 

Lucas was awarded a 13-year jail sentence for operating an international bank phishing scam and a marijuana grow house.

According to PCWorld, Lucas was one of the brains behind 2009's Phish Phry, where he got a group of people to pose as bank representatives and send emails to customers, asking them to update their records with their account information.

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Phish Phry scamster gets 13-yr jail term in California