Amazon launches ''Login with Amazon'' news
30 May 2013

Online retail giant Amazon has launched its own login service, ''Login with Amazon,'' a single sign-in service that smoothens the process of signing up your credit card information. With the move Amazon follows Google, Facebook, and Twitter, all of which offer their own single sign-in services.

According to companies like Zappos and Woot that signed on as early partners to Amazon Login with Amazon has so far been quite a success. According to Zappos 40 per cent of its new customers used their Amazon credentials, and Woot said customers who signed in with Amazon bought the most products.

The metrics would mean a lot for e-commerce sites, constantly on the lookout for better ways to sign-up customers for their services and get them to buy more products.

Amazon also took a step to expand its footprint on the mobile platforms of both Apple and Google, introducing a Login with Amazon application programming interface that developers can integrate with their sites and apps in order to save time for their users. (whether this is different or part of the sign in service for web sites)

Amazon claims Login with Amazon offers a way for developers to save time and increase security for their customers and instead of setting up the infrastructure to save user data and passwords, a developer implements the Login with Amazon API and Amazon handles user credentials on its end.

According to Amazon, the service would let developers have the ability to securely connect with over 200 million active Amazon customers.

According to analysts, by offering itself as a credential portal, Amazon was competing similar services from companies like Google, Twitter, Facebook, and more, and was also giving itself a foothold in web, Mac, and PC purchases, though it would not be able to do so for iOS due to Apple's strict control of the platform.

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Amazon launches ''Login with Amazon''