Mumbai tops in e-commerce: eBay news
26 November 2008

Mumbai has emerged as the e-commerce capital of the country, ahead of Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai, according to eBay India Census Guide.

According to India Census Guide, which analyses on-line trading trends, popular e-commerce transactions include purchase of USB drives, value mobile handsets, MP 4 players, USB MP3 players and diamonds. The India Census Guide analysed transactions across 28 states, six union territories and 100 cities.

The figures reveal that online marketplaces are helping fill the distribution gaps across the country. This is evident from sales of gadgets in hilly areas of the North East, J&K and Himachal Pradesh. These items are not easily available in the local markets in these areas. Similarly, e-commerce is helping those retailers who would otherwise find it difficult to market their products. Craftsmen in rural and semi-urban areas are increasingly harnessing the  reach of the net through eBay to retail their products, according to the census.
The IT hubs of Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have the highest net connectivity and consequently the maximum on-line transactions, according to eBay India director (Category Management), B Muralikrishnan. The growth of e-commerce is also playing a significant role in closing the demand supply gap, he said.
Though the census covered data only on e-Bay shoppers, it can be used to guage the broad trends in the market as eBay is preferred by over 42 per cent of shoppers over other portals, according to a survey by Junxt Consulting, Muralikrishnan said.

Similar reports are available for US and Canada operations of the company that operates in 39 countries. eBay India was formerly known as; it is the wholly owned subsidiary of US based eBay Inc.

Unveiling the guide at a function in Hyderabad, eBay India marketing director Kahsyap Vadapalli said women in older colonies of Hyderabad buy more on the net than their counterparts in other parts of the city. The list of frequently traded items in the city include movies, ice creams, designer pens and key chains.

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Mumbai tops in e-commerce: eBay