Canadian minister exposes RIM's encryption lie news
25 September 2010

Canadian trade minister Peter Van Loan yesterday exposed BlackBerry smartphone maker Research In Motion's (RIM) deception that it does not possess access to BlackBerry's encrypted data.

Indian trade and commerce minister Anand Sharma and Canada's international trade minister Peter Van Loan met in Ottawa yesterday to discuss the ongoing security concerns related to BlackBerry's service issues in India.

"We have discussed it together towards a resolution of the issue that will allow BlackBerry service to continue, to respect very important privacy rights of legitimate users, but also to respect legitimate lawful access in the same fashion as we have here in Canada," Van Loan said at a joint news conference.

Loan said that in Canada, law enforcement agencies can intercept telephone calls, emails and text messages sent by BlackBerry smartphones after obtaining a warrant from the judge.

"My understanding is that India is seeking the same thing, and we believe RIM can arrive at a resolution on that basis," Loan said.

His statement however blows the veil of secrecy and web of deception in the Ontario-based RIM's claims to regulators in certain countries for years.

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Canadian minister exposes RIM's encryption lie