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BlackBerry files suit against Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram over patents

07 Mar 2018

Qualcomm to return nearly $815 mn to BlackBerry on overpaid royalties

13 Apr 2017

BlackBerry inks pact with Optiemus Infracom to make in India

06 Feb 2017

Smartphone pioneer BlackBerry to no longer make handsets

29 Sep 2016

BlackBerry Ltd, which once captured the devotion of the world’s business and political elite with its devices, has announced that it will stop designing and manufacturing the handsets that were the foundation of its reputation for security and mobility

BlackBerry to raise $605 mn through convertible debentures

29 Aug 2016

WhatsApp to withdraw support for Symbian, Nokia S40 and BlackBerry phones

13 Jul 2016

US senate to no longer offer BlackBerry phone to staffers

02 Jul 2016

PayPal to discontinue mobile apps on BlackBerry, Amazon Fire, and Windows Phone devices

26 May 2016

Is Apple following the BlackBerry road to oblivion

26 May 2016

Market experts are beginning to believe that Apple’s total focus on hand-held screens and apps may be its undoing, as rivals – especially Google – are stealing a march on what could be the next big thing, which is artificial intelligence

BlackBerry to launch two mid-range Android phones this year: CEO John Chen

09 Apr 2016

BlackBerry 4Q revenue down more than expected

02 Apr 2016

Facebook, WhatsApp end BB 10 support

23 Mar 2016

WhatsApp to withdraw support for BlackBerry devices

02 Mar 2016

Dutch police claim to have cracked Blackberry encryption

13 Jan 2016

BlackBerry to continue operations in Pakistan

04 Jan 2016

BlackBerry Priv sold well last quarter: CEO John Chen

21 Dec 2015

Blackberry chief John Chen blasts Apple’s privacy stance in official blog

18 Dec 2015

BlackBerry’s first Android device, Priv, goes on sale

07 Nov 2015

Canadian mobile devices maker BlackBerry is targeting  mainstream audiences for the first time in years with the BlackBerry Priv smartphone

Narendra Nayak to be MD, Blackberry India

27 Oct 2015

BlackBerry India's new managing director in Narendra Nayak, has 30 plus years of experience in the IT and telecom sector

BlackBerry to release first Android handset, BlackBerry Priv

25 Sep 2015

BlackBerry is gearing up to release Venice, its new slider phone which has a physical QWERTY keyboard, using Android OS

BlackBerry's Sunil Lalvani joins Qualcomm India as vice president

27 Jul 2015

BlackBerry to acquire AtHoc

23 Jul 2015

BlackBerry to run new smartphone on Android software

12 Jun 2015

BlackBerry acquiring security software firm WatchDox

22 Apr 2015

Ford’s new Sync 3 car infotainment system works on BlackBerry’s QNX operating system

12 Dec 2014