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Generator that converts air in to water launchednews
Our Corporate Bureau
11 May 2005

Chennai: The city-based Esjaypee Mercantile and Marketing P Ltd, has launched Humidous, a water generator that generates water from the air in the atmosphere. According to Tanya Parmar, executive director of the company, the Rs23,850-machine works on the condensation principle and generates pure drinking water directly from air.

Adds Mahendra Parmer, chairman and managing director, "The extraction and purification process takes place in four steps. First, the air drawn for the extractor of water is cleaned by an electrostatic air filtering system which removes particulate matter like dust, etc. After that, water molecules are separated from the filtered air by a temperature-controlled condenser coil. Then the water molecules are guided to a tank." The natural carbon pre-filter then removes the taste, odour and particles before the water is dispensed out.

The equipment is available in different capacities starting from 28-litres per day and does not require any external piping. According to him the per litre cost works out to Rs1.55.

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Generator that converts air in to water launched