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Govt looks at dual feed for CASnews
Our Economy Bureau
01 July 2003

New Delhi: The Indian government has clarified that there is no rollback on the implementation of conditional access system (CAS). It is looking at the option of 'dual feed' and is talking of a 'twilight zone' to ensure a smooth rollover.

Dual feed means the existing pay channels will be available both in the encrypted format for which a set-top box (STB) will be required and the free format, while the twilight zone will be the period wherein pay channels, if offered without a STB, will not be a cognisable offence.

According to a notification issued earlier this month, after 14 June, receiving pay channels without an STB will be a cognisable offence.

Information and Broadcasting Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad says CAS will be implemented on 15 July as scheduled. "Suggestions of dual feed and twilight zone have been made and the government will examine these. We are making it consumer friendly so as to ensure that there are no blank-outs."

He, however, did not specify the time-period for which dual feed or twilight zone will be applicable. While offering a dual feed is technically possible, according to industry sources, it is not feasible.

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Govt looks at dual feed for CAS