LeTV showcases array of gadgets for Indian debut

Chinese company Leshi Internet Information & Technology Co, (LeTV) made its high-profile India debut with a wide range of hardware consumer products like Le 3D Helmet, Leme Bluetooth Headphones and Super Cycle.

"The Le 3D Helmet and the Leme Bluetooth Headphones will offer a unique video and audio experience to consumers. Meanwhile, the Super Cycle is an internet-enabled self-powered transport system, which will take fitness to newer levels," announced the company.

LeTV's Super Cycle comes with a specially designed operating system, aka Bike OS along with a suite of sensors integrated in to the cycle itself.

The GPS sensors on board the Super Cycle collect users' data generated when cycling as well as monitor how they cycle. All data is synced to the cloud giving users real-time statistical data of their cycling habits.

"Through long-term data accumulation, the accuracy of measurement will be enhanced producing a cycling scheme specifically customised to meet the users' needs," according to the company.

The Super Cycle includes key features like keyless and chain-less anti-theft technology with fingerprint identification. The cycle can also be remotely locked and unlocked via a dedicated mobile app. There's also a built-in walkie-talkie along with Bluetooth and 3G WCDMA module for connectivity. The smart cycle interface is powered by an 8,400mAh battery.

It will come in the colours - aluminum edition-silver, aluminum edition-gold, carbon fibere edition - silver and carbon fibre edition - gold.

The Le 3D Helmet is a virtual reality headset with a 5.5-inch Sharp screen boasting of a QuadHD resolution of 2560 x 1440 and a 70-degree field of view. The VR headset supports 1080p videos and images @60fps in 3D/2D and provides a virtual experience of a 1,000-inch screen and 15m distance. The 3D Helmet comes with a USB Type-C port as standard to connect with a user's phone for MHL signal input.

Lastly, the Leme range of over the ear Bluetooth Headphones offer 10-hours of music playback and a standby battery life of 26.5 days, claims the company. The headphones are powered by a 195 mAH Li-ion polymer battery requiring only 2 hours of charging time. The Leme headphones include a microphone system along with high definition voice and adaptive audio adjustment technology to compensate for wind and background noise. They will be available in the colours: Red, Orange, White, Blue and Pink.

"With the new devices, we aim to offer a unique combination of amazing features, and top performance supported with good battery life packed in a sleek design. Empowered by the strong ecosystem, we are dedicated to offering Indian consumers lifestyle enabling products," Dickson Lee, general manager, APAC Smart Device, Letv said at the showcase event.

For the time being Letv hasn't disclosed the availability and pricing details of any of the showcased products. It has however stressed that the Le 3D Helmet, Leme Bluetooth Headphones and Super Cycle will have 'disruptive' pricing.

In addition, the company also teased a separate launch event to be held on 20 January in India where the company is expected to launch its Super Phones, most likely the Le Max.