D-Link unveils personal cloud-based networking solutions

Networking and connectivity solutions provider D-Link has unveiled its personal cloud-based networking solutions with the 'mydlink cloud' service.

D-Link said the `personal cloud' networking solution introduced for the first time in India, offers a platform which will allow users to view, control, share and access their network devices anytime and anywhere.

The 'Mydilink Cloud' product line would enhance D-Links consumer networking products with fresh and innovative cloud functionality that aims to personalise consumer internet, D-Link said in a release.

The products introduced under the cloud-based solutions include - D-Link Cloud Router (DIR-600L, DIR-605L), D-Link Cloud Camera (DCS-930L, DCS-932L) and D-Link Cloud storage (DNR-322L).

D-Link Cloud Router allows consumer to experience the capabilities of personal cloud in their day-to-day operations. With all the mydlink cloud routers, users can easily remotely control their network in real time from anywhere anytime.

Working parents can easily keep a check on what their child is browsing from anywhere or glance through the browsing history anytime. Similarly, one can also receive notifications or e-mail alerts on their handheld device or computers, whenever a new user connects to the router or there is an unauthorised intrusion. This offers users complete control and secure network.