India's mineral production in May up from April's lows news
23 July 2012

Mineral production in the country grew 4.3 per cent in May 2012 compared with the previous month's (April 2012) levels, but grew at a negative (-) 0.9 per cent compared with the same month of the previous year.

Total value of production in the mining and quarrying sector (excluding atomic and minor minerals) in the country during May 2012 stood at Rs17,863 crore, official data released today showed.

Petroleum (crude) had the highest share of Rs5,862 crore (33 per cent), followed by coal (Rs5,159 crore), iron ore (Rs3,829 crore), natural gas (Rs1,353 crore), lignite (Rs450 crore) and limestone (Rs334 crore).

These six minerals together contributed about 95 per cent of the total value of mineral production in the country in May 2012.

Production level of important minerals in May 2012 were: coal 44.7 million tonnes, lignite 4 million tonnes, natural gas (utilised) 3,614 million cu m, petroleum (crude) 3.2 million tonnes, bauxite 1,34 million tonnes, chromite 387,000 tonnes, copper concentrate 9,000 tonnes, gold 144 kg, iron ore 15.8 million tonnes, lead concentrate 16,000 tonnes, manganese ore 202,000 tonnes, zinc concentrate 109,000 tonnes, apatite and phosphorite178,000 tonnes, dolomite 500,000 tonnes, limestone 23.8 million tonnes, magnesite 11,000 tonnes and diamond 2,340 carat.

In May 2012, diamond production increased by 57.8 per cent, apatite and phosphorite output rose 30.5 per cent, gold production by 20 per cent, chromite production by 17.9 per cent, dolomite production by 17.7 per cent, manganese ore production by 14.7per cent, bauxite production by 14.1 per cent, zinc concentrate production by 8.5 per cent, coal production by 6.2 per cent, lead concentrate production by 6 per cent, iron ore production by 5.3 per cent, limestone production by 3.8 per cent, petroleum (crude) output by 3.4 per cent, lignite production by 2.6 per cent and natural gas (utilised) production by 1.7 per cent. However, the production of copper concentrate decreased by 5.2 per cent and magnesite production was down 41.8 per cent.

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India's mineral production in May up from April's lows