Mineral production in India rises in October news
26 December 2011

Production of minerals (including mining and quarrying) in the country increased in October 2011 with the index of mineral production rising 10.54 per cent from the preceding month. The mineral sector grew at a negative (-) 7.19 per cent during October 2011 compared to that of the corresponding month of previous year.

Total value of mineral production (excluding atomic and minor minerals) in the country during October 2011 stood at Rs14,555 crore.

Crude petroleum production accounted for Rs5,806 crore (40 per cent) of mineral production in the country. Coal production was next in importance with a value of Rs3,748 crore, followed by iron ore (Rs2,321 crore), natural gas (Rs1,472 crore), lignite (Rs288 crore) and limestone (Rs276 crore). These six minerals together contributed about 96 per cent of the total value of mineral production in October 2011.

Production level of important minerals in October 2011 were: coal 400 lakh tonnes, lignite 27 lakh tonnes, natural gas (utilized) 3932 million cu m, petroleum (crude) 3.2 million tonnes, bauxite 9,58,000 tonnes, chromite 2,56,000 tonnes, copper concentrate 10,000 tonnes, gold 104 kg, iron ore 10.5 million tonnes, lead concentrate 13,000 tonnes, manganese ore 1,70,000 tonnes, zinc concentrate 1,11,000 tonnes, apatite and phosphorite 1,78,000 tonnes, dolomite 3,88,000 tonnes, limestone 19.9 million tonnes, magnesite 14,000 tonnes and diamond 1,481 carat.

In October 2011, the output of chromite increased by 47.18 per cent, that of magnesite by 34.90 per cent, coal by 33.88 per cent, limestone by 5.90 per cent, manganese ore by 5.20 per cent, petroleum (crude) by 3.21 per cent and natural gas (utilised) by 1.37 per cent. The production of lignite remained at the level of previous month. However the production of iron ore decreased by 1.24 per cent, dolomite by 2.17 per cent, copper concentrate by 2.48 per cent, lead concentrate by 2.61 per cent, zinc concentrate by 2.71 per cent, apatite and phosphorite by 9.80 per cent, bauxite by 11.06 per cent, diamond by 28.14 per cent and gold by 29.25 per cent.

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Mineral production in India rises in October