CBI raids two 'allies' of jailed Janardhan Reddy news
12 September 2011

Keeping up the pressure on Bellary's Reddy brothers accused of illegal iron ore mining, the Central Bureau of Investigation on Sunday raided the Bangalore residences of two supposed abettors of the jailed G Janardhan Reddy - Gurulingana Gowda, chairman of the Bellary Urban Development Authority, and Bhaskar Reddy, a close relative of Janardhan Reddy and a gram panchayat member.

Over 10 officials including three inspectors were involved in the raid. The CBI said later that they have gathered what information they need from the duo, and that nothing was seized from their houses.

It believed that the two were questioned about their proximity with the Reddy camp, their business interests, partnership in businesses, property details, deposits, bank lockers, etc.

The CBI officials, who got information that Bhaskar Reddy has a locker in Prgati Grameena Bank, arrived there and opened the locker. Reportedly, no incriminating documents or assets were recovered. The officials issued letters to both Gowda and Reddy, stating that they have not taken away anything from their residences.

Both Gurulingana Reddy and Bhaskar Reddy told newspersons that they had expected the CBI raid for long, and that they are now devoid of any tension, as the raid has established that they do not have any business connections with the Reddys.

In the meantime, the Reddys have permanently closed the north-west door of G Janardhan Reddy's residence in Bellary, after an astrologer told them that Reddy was incarcerated because of the inauspicious position of the door.  The CBI officials had entered through this door and taken Reddy from the same door.

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CBI raids two 'allies' of jailed Janardhan Reddy