Homeopathic docs up in arms against Bihar prohibition

One might expect tipplers and liquor outlets to protest against the Bihar government's decision to impose a total ban on the sale of alcoholic spirits in the state, but a strong protest has also emerged from an unexpected quarter.

Homeopathic doctors and retailers in Patna on Wednesday staged a protest in Gardanibagh against the government's draconian measure which has led to a crackdown on homeopathic shops as it is now unlawful to stock spirits, a key ingredient in the manufacture of homeopathic medicines.

Slamming chief minister Nitish Kumar's government for banning the manufacturing of homeopathic medicines, the protestors said Kumar was a misguided man who was acting like a dictator in passing rules and laws ''to satisfy his own ego''.

"He (Nitish Kumar) is not a king and he has no right to shut down our business that has nothing to do with alcoholism or domestic violence. Homeopathy is a system of medicine that helps both rich and poor equally," the protestors said.

Bihar State Homeopathic Association president Doud Ali said that illegal raids were being carried out at homeopathic shops and by putting homeopathic medicines in the same category as alcoholic drinks, the government was insulting hundreds of thousands of homeopathic doctors and retail shop owners in Bihar.