Carlyle to pump in $668 million into India, China

Mumbai: Global private equity firm Carlyle will mop up $668 million for investments mainly in India and China, the two Asian growth engines. Carlyle, which has nearly $39 billion under management in various private equity schemes, said it would invest $25-30 million in high-growth companies. The current mobilisation is the biggest in Carlyle's ongoing funding plans for Asia.

Carlyle proposes to channel funds through the network of companies in which it has stake worldwide. Carlyle growth fund's India head Shankar Narayanan said the company would use two-thirds of the funds for India and China and the rest for Japan and Korea.

Carlyle, he said, would be looking at funding expansion plans of companies with good track record. He also hinted at increased investments in auto ancillary, textiles and pharma sectors.

The group already has investments in a few companies in India. Carlyle, which is registered in India under its Mauritius subsidiary, invests in both listed and unlisted companies.