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Gujarat wind power capacity grows 500 per cent in six years news
04 July 2011

Mumbai/ Ahmedabad: The wind power generation capacity of the state of Gujarat has jumped from 6.32 per cent of the country's total in 2006, to an impressive 15.36 per cent in 2011. In power units the rise has been from 338 Megawatt (Mw) in 2006 to 2175.5 Mw in 2011.

While Gujarat's growth marks an increase of over 545 per cent over the past six years, the country's wind power generation capacities have registered a growth of 165 per cent, from 5341 Mw in 2006 to 14,158 Mw by March 2011.

According to industry experts, Gujarat has enormous potential for wind power generation as the average velocity of wind in the state is just less than seven meters per second, which is considered ideal.

Besides this, the state also has the longest coast-line in the country and a desert in Kutch, which makes plenty of land available for wind power projects.

Unlike solar power, which requires very high initial investments, wind power is preferred as a cheaper and an environment-friendly energy source in India.

According to experts, wind power constitutes about 70 per cent of India's total renewable energy generation with states like Gujarat, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu the most promising for the development of wind power units because of their geographical advantages.

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Gujarat wind power capacity grows 500 per cent in six years