New Education Policy allows foreign universities to set up base in India

The New Education Policy approved by the union cabinet on Wednesday allows foreign universities to open campuses in the country as part of efforts to boost the spread of education and strengthen the economy.

While there is wider opposition to overseas institutions setting up base in India, the government is eager to reduce rein in overseas spending on education by Indians that run into billions of dollars. Attempts by previous administrations to open up the sector to overseas institutions have met with severe opposition.
But, with more than 750,000 Indian students studying abroad, spending billions of dollars outside the country every year, the government hopes to save on that spending by allowing overseas universities set up campuses here.
A statement issued by the HRD ministry (now education ministry) said the government will allow “entry of top world ranked universities to open campuses in our country.”
It is, however, not clear whether the government will provide incentives for top-rated universities to open campuses in the country, waiving the current regulatory framework that also caps fees charged by educational institutions.
Modi government is aiming to raise the standard of education in the country as part of the reforms to bolster the economy. The new policy also proposes to increase public spending on education to nearly 6 per cent of gross domestic product from around 4 per cent at present.
The government plans to expand access to higher education to 50 per cent of high school students by 2035, aiming to add about 35 million new places for students, and achieve universal adult literacy before that date, Higher Education Secretary Amit Khare told reporters.
The reforms would also include directives such as making school education compulsory from the age of three and encouraging the study of Indian and foreign languages as well as the use of technology.
Besides, the government plans to bring in reforms in teaching and curricula in schools and colleges as also prescribe higher qualifications for teachers.